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Jim Larson (Email)

Jim makes the internet zeros and ones for HSR work.  He writes articles about food, firmly believes that pineapple does not belong on any pizza, and writes about technology for Click Beep.

Rachel Larson

Rachel bakes and cooks.  Let’s all be honest, she’s the real hero here.

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We all have opinions.  That’s fine.  You can have your opinions, but that doesn’t mean our website has any obligation to promote your opinion.
Keep it classy or you’re not going to comment.


We use Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics. We don’t (currently) leave any cookies (other than what is necessary for basic site functioning – like the comment section), we don’t have any other tracking, and we don’t sell or otherwise give out any of the info from our site.

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Currently, other sites that we may provide external links are not done affiliate style – if we link you to Fred’s Pizza Blog, they don’t know we sent you.

We do use Bit.ly links to track traffic that we send to (some) other sites. We may share traffic numbers with other sites, but we haven’t yet.

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Our site doesn’t mine for any blockchains or cryptocurrency.
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We are bloggers, we are not dieticians. Mind your allergies. If something sounds out of place on a diet-specific post, say something before you try it. Cooking times vary, if something looks undercooked you’re better off cooking it longer (even if you burn it and throw it away) than eating undercooked. We can’t control the difference in your cooking styles and environments and your cooking equipment, and we can’t double check the ingredients as you are making these things. If the directions say “let cool for five minutes” and six minutes later it is still steaming, let it cool a little more. If you’re allergic to something and you think an ingredient might have some of that and we didn’t mention it, safety first.

We’ll keep these up to date as best we can, and we’re happy to change things with feedback. But think of our recipes like GPS directions. If the GPS tells you to drive east for a mile, and the road ends – don’t drive off the edge.


From time to time, we may update posts. We may update styles, we may update the way we structure our recipes, we may add new links to old articles. Content is subject to change without notice. Our cupcake recipes aren’t going to randomly start including pickles as a recipe ingredient, but we may tweak things from time to time. Minor changes or revisions, like fixing a spelling error or adding a link to a new recipe won’t be called out. Major changes or revisions, or if we learn something from our users about a recipe that should be included will carry an updated tag with the day and reason the article was modified.

We Also Take Pretty Pictures Of Restaurants And Their Food

Check it out at Out For Food

We will keep this page updated whenever we make changes to our site.
(Last updated on 2018/11/22.)